Sunday Worship

  • Sunday Worship: 10:00am ~ 11:20am (Simultaneous English interpretation is provided via earphones)
  • Sunday School: 11:40am ~ 12:30pm
  • Lunch: 12:30pm ~ 1:30pm
  • Holy Communion scheduled on last Sunday of each month.
  • Sunday Bulletin
  • EFC's core values

    Evangelism and planting churches have been two of the most important core values throughout the development process of EFC. For 40 years, EFC has planted close to 100 worship locations, and grown to close to 8000 believers. Compared to the 500 some years of the history of denominations, EFC is still very young, and is a little sprout that needs nourishment and development. Yet, 40 years is an important milestone. We need to pause for a moment and think about the footprints we have made in the past, so that it may become a foundation for where we are going in the future.


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    Address: 1982 Iglehart Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101
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